Aluminium Seamless Gutters

  Seamless aluminium guttering

Seamless Aluminium Gutters are installed as a continuous length of guttering, rolled out on-site using a specialist machine that is housed in the back of our vehicle.

It is available in two sizes, 125 x 96mm that is suitable for the majority of houses and gives a much larger capacity than the equivalent timber or plastic gutters, and the larger 150 x 120mm gutter that is suitable for commercial premises and projects that  require the additional capacity offered.

The gutter is extruded in lengths that will fit your premises exactly and means a made-to-measure product that ensures total precision with every installation.

This also means there is no waste, unlike with wood and plastic which is purchased in pre-defined lengths, with the lack of waste and the fact that Aluminium is endlessley recyclable it make this choice so much better for the environment.

The gutter is secured with hidden brackets concealed within the seamless gutter itself that fix to your fascia board giving a clean smooth appearance with no unsightly external brackets. Joints (on the corners) are riveted together and sealed using a high grade sealant which is applied on the inside.

Our seamless aluminium gutters will last at least 30 years, with the minimum of maintenance required. We provide a 15 year guarantee on all complete gutter systems, ensuring you of complete peace of mind when working with Yorkshire Seamless Gutters.

The range of colours available are:

Black, Brown, White, Green RAL 6005, Cream RAL 1015 & Grey RAL 7016 

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